Site Safety Rules


Please read and follow rules at all times

The Bayshore Family of Companies is dedicated to adhering to all Federal, State and Local regulations and to provide a safe and healthy workplace. It is imperative that ALL persons entering the site know, understand and abide by these safety rules. This is not intended to be all inclusive and is subject to change.

  • Hard hat, high visibility safety vest/clothing, work boots and eye protection are to be worn when outside of your vehicle.
  • All vehicles must obey traffic signs, including speed restrictions and STOP.
  • Speed limit shall not exceed 5 mph
  • Trucks are to maintain a minimum of 20 feet between all personnel, yellow iron, and other trucks.
  • All trucks must be equipped with a functioning external audible back up alarm.
  • Tarps are to be removed prior to entry onto the scale.
  • Drivers are not to enter the active working area (dumping or loading) until instructed to do so by the traffic coordinator or equipment operator.
  • All passengers must remain within 6 feet of their vehicle at all times.
  • Riding on the outside of a vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Driver must pull away from the pile then secure his gate before exiting the work area.
  • “Jake Brakes” are not to be used on Crows Mill Road while entering or exiting the facility.
  • Do not pass moving vehicles.
  • Headlights and 4 way flashers are to be used at dawn and dusk.
  • Report all injuries/accidents to the traffic coordinator or scale house.
  • Smoking is prohibited while on site.
  • Firearms, and or weapons of any type are not allowed on site.
  • The consumption of intoxicating beverages and or any other illegal substance is prohibited.
  • Photography is prohibited without prior written consent from Management.
  • The use of a cell phone while driving or backing is prohibited.