sustainabilitySustainability in New Jersey

Recycling is a foundation activity toward a sustainable economy which is desperately needed in recognition of our throwaway society, global climate change and glutinous consumption of energy from fossil fuels. Our corporate vision involves creation of a sustainable Eco-Complex and Energy Campus where we operate 100% green businesses powered by 100% renewable energy – a vision unprecedented in the Northeast. No other facility in the State or region brings together the diversity of recycling and energy initiatives that Bayshore does at a single-site property. Beyond our existing operations, our vision promotes the concept of “by-product synergy” in attracting compatible green businesses to our campus that use each other’s outputs as process inputs to advance recycling and energy efficiency. The focus is upon innovative technologies which can utilize feedstock that already is processed/generated/permitted at Bayshore.

Bayshore Recycling Corporate Vision

The Bayshore Family of Companies places energy conservation and renewable energy at the center of our company’s business plans and vision. Our commitment to renewable energy is a part of our corporate vision, which is to operate a 100-percent green business powered entirely by renewable energy. We are well on our way to achieving that goal.

In 2008, Bayshore Recycling installed a 9,365-solar panel, 679-kilowatt, rooftop solar system. This solar energy system provides about 40% of the energy necessary to operate our impacted soil processing business. As a part of our commitment to renewable energy, we are proud to have a strong reliance on solar power. Future plans include additional rooftop solar arrays on other Bayshore buildings, incorporating wind power and biomass to energy technology. Through these diverse energy options, we at Bayshore Recycling believe our corporate vision to be realistic and achievable.

Renewable Energy in New Jersey

At Bayshore Recycling, we hope to be a model of sustainability in exclusively operating green businesses and satisfying our energy needs through the employment of renewable energy technologies right on site.  Widespread use of renewable energy lowers our dependence upon fossil fuels and greatly reduces our carbon footprint.  Our diverse recycling businesses help towns and businesses all across the region to comply with mandatory recycling requirements while helping customers improve our environment and save money.  Adding renewable energy sources to our facility build-out plan makes Bayshore a model of “sustainable materials management” in line with National goals adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Sustainable Recycling Efforts Near You

If you’re looking for sustainable solutions to satisfy your energy needs in New Jersey, consider Bayshore Recycling to offer you the eco-friendly service you’re looking for. To learn more about Bayshore Recycling feel free to contact us or call 732-738-6000 with any questions or concerns regarding potential contracted service. We would be happy to speak with you about our corporate vision, our common goals, and provide you with a quote for your project.