Bayshore Recycling Facility Services

NJ Waste Removal and Recycling Services

New Jersey Class B Recycling

Class B recyclable material in New Jersey means a source separated recyclable material which is subject to Department approval prior to receipt, storage, processing or transfer at a recycling center. Bayshore Recycling is able to accept the following materials under their NJDEP Class B Approval:  source separated clean concrete, asphalt, brick, block, petroleum contaminated soils, glass cullet, clean wood, potable water treatment plant residuals, carbon filtration media, street sweepings, and slag.  These materials are recycled into various products including RCA, ¾”, 1 ½”, or 2 ½” recycled stone, fill materials and other aggregates based on project needs.  The use of recycled aggregates proves to be an economical alternative to virgin stone, while promoting recycling in New Jersey.  Our friendly sales staff can offer alternative materials during the bidding process for each job, to lower the bottom line of your project proposal.


Soil Management in NJ

There are many options for Soil management in the New Jersey area.  The need for responsible management and disposal of petroleum impacted soils while reducing liability is part of what drives people to use Bayshore.  We focus on the highest level of customer service, and are happy to assist during any phase of the project.  Our technical staff will guide you through the approval process in a timely fashion to ensure that your project is completed within compliance, within budget, and on schedule.    Bayshore is home to Bayshore Soil Management, operating a Low Temperature Thermal Desorption Unit for the remediation of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils.  Acceptable materials are soils contaminated with: diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, #1-6 fuels, used oils, coal tar, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  Bayshore services projects throughout the tristate area.


Solid Waste Management & Recovery in NJ

Our solid waste management and recovery facility at the Bayshore Recycling facility is expected to be back online in late 2017.  Montecalvo Material Recovery Facility will once again be able to accept construction and demolition debris (Type 13C), bulky waste (Type 13) and ID-27 dry industrial waste. Through our mechanized material recovery process, our goal will be to recover at least 75 percent of material accepted, to divert waste from the landfills. LEED reporting will also be available to help gain points for projects through the USGBC program.   Stay tuned for announcements for our re-opening!


Dumpster and Transportation Services in NJ

Bayshore’s fleet of tri-axle trucks provides dumpster service and dump truck transportation in NJ, NY and PA for the pickup and delivery of materials such as: construction materials, soils, aggregates and debris. Montecalvo Disposal Services is an A-901 licensed hauler with a large inventory of 10, 20, 30 and 40 CY containers to handle the many materials generated at your job site.  We also offer round robin transportation for delivery of aggregate products and removing soils, concrete, or other materials, which reduces transportation costs. Transportation requests can be made easily by phone call or email.


Scrap Metal Recycling & Disposal in NJ

Also known as secondary metal processing, scrap metal recycling is a large industry that processes millions of tons of scrap metal a year nationwide. Coastal metals Recycling Corp accepts and recycles ferrous and nonferrous metals such as: copper, brass, pipe, aluminum, stainless, wire and steel.


New Jersey Curbside Recycling

In New Jersey and throughout the nation, curbside recycling is an important service for suburban and urban neighborhoods. Bayshore Single Stream Solutions (BS3) operates a Class A recycling facility for the acceptance and processing of curbside commodities including: aluminum, steel and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, #1 – #7 plastics including: milk, water, soda, and laundry containers; newspaper, corrugated cardboard, textiles, and mixed paper (magazines, office paper, junk mail). BS3 is approved to accept both commingled and single stream curbside material. We assist towns and counties in North and Central Jersey make better use of their everyday waste and their natural resources by taking advantage of our single stream operation.


Port Services in New Jersey

The Bayshore Family of Companies has a waterfront recycling facility port service located on the Raritan River in New Jersey. The Port Raritan Marine Terminal’s purpose is to offload and transport recyclable materials. Material accepted by barge includes: dredged material, commodities, concrete, stone, steel, and bridge decks.


Recycling Facility Services in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the Bayshore Recycling Facility and Family of Companies is considered as one of the most diverse companies when it comes to recycling and being environmentally friendly. Contact us today to learn more about Bayshore or to ask about our recycling services.