Class A Recycling

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Single Stream Solutions

Class A Recycling

Utilizing the Latest Sorting and Screening Technology

Class A Single Stream Recycling

In New Jersey and throughout the nation, curbside recycling is an important service for suburban and urban neighborhoods. Bayshore Single Stream Solutions (BS3) operates a Class A recycling facility for the acceptance and processing of curbside commodities including: aluminum, steel and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, #1 – #7 plastics including: milk, water, soda, and laundry containers; newspaper, corrugated cardboard, textiles, and mixed paper (magazines, office paper, junk mail). BS3 is approved to accept both commingled and single stream curbside material. We assist towns and counties in North and Central Jersey make better use of their everyday waste and their natural resources by taking advantage of our single stream operation.


Utilizing the Latest Technology

Bayshore Single Stream Solutions utilizes optical sorting technology to sort and separate recyclable commodities. Using hyperspectral imaging, a camera analyzes material hundreds of times per second as it passes by on a high speed conveyor belt that can operate at speeds up to 900 FPM. When a target material is identified, a series of compressed air jets are actuated and the resulting air is used to remove the target material from the belt so that it can be baled with like materials.”

Our optics work on molecular composition as opposed to the traditional scanners that look for specific sizes, shapes and color. A major benefit to utilizing this system is being able to recover targeted plastics from a variety of package and container styles as well as not needing to re-train the system when new a package designs find their way into the marketplace.

This allows the system to see through wrappers and other packaging, letting us identify unique colors and molecules. This high speed processor collects information that allows the system to sort items into wanted and unwanted items simultaneously with 95% or more accuracy.

Single Stream Recycling Process

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