Recycling Education

Inspiring a Green Initiative

Sustainability can be simply defined as ” taking from the earth only what it can provide indefinitely, thus leaving future generations with no less than what we have today.” This definition sits at the heart of Bayshore Recycling. Our green goal is to build out an eco-conscious facility of 100% green businesses powered by 100% renewable energy – and we hope to influence the mindset of New Jersey residents and businesses and serve as a model for the rest of the nation. Constant education of green lifestyle choices and corporate responsibility in decision-making will go a long way and Bayshore is dedicated to inspiring your very own path to a sustainable future.

Recycling Education at Bayshore

Bayshore understands the significance of public education. Through promotional efforts to advance continuous education,  we hope to help  New Jersey to remain a leader in the nation’s sustainability efforts. To facilitate the commitment of taking part in a collective eco-friendly society, Bayshore extends the use of our classroom to those willing to discover their own green initiative. We provide lectures and tours of our facilities as a “recycling laboratory in action.”   All presentations and tours are free of charge and available for any related environmental education program. Some of these programs may include topics such as recycling, sustainability, byproduct synergy and renewable energy.


Bayshore regularly hosts groups of all  ages and backgrounds ranging from preschool to collegiate level audiences. Seminars may also be held for professional organizations such as local chambers of commerce, environmental groups and solid waste & recycling officials. Offering our classroom as a central meeting place for environmental education may be a small, simple act, but we firmly believe  that the outcome results in significant  steps towards progressive  thinking.

Recycling Center Tours

Many of us are visual learners and often times experiencing something in person helps create a better understanding. In addition to Bayshore’s environmental education, we offer tours of our various state-of-the-art facilities.  A tour will show New Jersey’s best curbside recycling technology,  class B recycling operations to recover concrete, asphalt, brick and block and our low temperature soil  processing plant in action. Seeing is often believing and Bayshore welcomes everyone to visit for a true learning experience. A tour of our facilities will show how recycled material is efficiently handled toward the goal of sustainable materials management.

Schedule Your Recycling Program Today

Bayshore is much more than the largest recycling center in New Jersey and the region. We proudly double as a learning institution for those seeking environmental and recycling education. A program at Bayshore provides the outlet you need to learn what the true  definitions of recycling and sustainability are! To book an environmental education program in the Bayshore classroom, please contact us today and begin your journey towards a more sustainable life!

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