Corporate Vision

Our New Jersey Recycling Facility’s Vision and Goal

Energy conservation and renewable energy are at the center of the company’s business plan, which began in 2008 with the installation of a 679 kilowatt (9,365 panels) rooftop solar energy system that assists in powering the operations. Bayshore plans to add wind and biomass to energy technology to its diverse operations and use the energy produced to complete its corporate vision to operate 100 percent green businesses powered by 100 percent by renewable energy.

With our various recycling operations in full swing, including, but not limited to, construction and demolition recycling, made possible with our use of dumpsters from nj, contaminated soil disposal and management, and metal recycling in NJ, our recycling centers hope to not only preserve and uphold the environment, but use the materials that are recycled to create renewable energy in a cycle that will create a corporation that is run entirely on safe and environmentally friendly power sources.

corporate vision

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