Residential Services Offered at Our New Jersey Recycling Facility

Whether it’s time for spring cleaning or you’re doing household renovating, Bayshore has a variety of services you can utilize as the greener alternative to sending your disposal to the landfill.

Montecalvo Disposal Services provides dumpster rentals, where you can conveniently co-mingle accepted materials, leaving us to do the work. In the Montecalvo Material Recovery Facility about 70 – 80 percent of your waste is processed and recycled in new aggregate products. For more information on pricing, guidelines and transportation, click here to contact our sales department.

Additional recycling services consist of contaminated soil disposal, metal recycling, construction and demolition disposal, electronics recycling and contracting. Let us help you with any of your disposal services and help us work towards a more sustainable future.

Contact our New Jersey recycling facility today to learn more about our  services and the wide variety of clientele we cater to. Additionally, you can keep up to date on Bayshore’s latest news and eventsrequest a quote, or even become a part of our company by applying for a position.