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NJ Waterfront Recycling Facility

The Bayshore Recycling facility at the Port Raritan Marine Terminal is located on the Raritan River. Our waterfront recycling facility is available for businesses in need of a reliable recycling service in New Jersey. The Port Raritan Marine Terminal is a site of sustainability and displays a strong commitment to the environment. Bayshore Recycling is a family of companies committed to increasing recycling in New Jersey. Combined, our facilities are able to collect over 10,000 tons of recyclable materials per day with access by highway, rail and barge.


Port Raritan Marine Terminal Recycling Services

Bayshore Recycling at the Port Raritan Marine Terminal actively operates in all capacities of recycling, with the ability to offload and transport aggregate, dredged materials, commodities, concrete, stone, steel, bridge decks, and other recyclable materials. We are proud to offer the convenient Port Raritan Marine Terminal to help cater to the vast recycling needs of New Jersey and New York.  Our waterfront location is also available to be utilized for the facilitation of waterfront construction and infrastructure projects.  We make it easy for businesses in various industries to recycle efficiently and economically.


Importance of Waterway Shipping

Bayshore Recycling is proud to use the waterways of the Raritan as a method of receiving and shipping. Port Raritan promotes the use of waterways due to the several benefits when compared to traditional transport and shipping methods of recyclable materials. Benefits of shipping via water include:

  • Cost effective logistics for large projects. When recyclable materials are transferred via water, a larger volume of material is able to be transported, which is beneficial to keeping project costs down.
  • Ease of Recycling.  Our ability to accept recyclable materials by barge at our Bayshore Recycling Facility, allows access to our Bayshore Family of Companies.  Recyclable materials can be accepted, and trans-loaded to the appropriate recycling operation.
  • Environmental benefits. Since large volumes of recyclable materials are transported over water, it helps to alleviate truck traffic and can also reduce air pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only do you help our environment when recycling, using the waterway provides extra benefits to project economics as well.


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Bayshore Recycling is the trusted recycling facility of New Jersey. We provide reliable services and always maintain our commitment to customer service and sustainability. Are you or your company interested in using our barge access for the transport of recyclable materials? If so, contact Bayshore Recycling today and request a quote.