Dumpster Service and Debris Removal

New Jersey Dumpster Services

Whether from our home or from our business, from time to time we are likely to need dumpster services.  For home or commercial building construction or remodeling, be it replacing a roof, taking down a deck or cleaning out your garage, a dumpster may represent the most economical and convenient option for managing the materials you generate.  Montecalvo Disposal Services (MDS) offers dumpster service and debris removal for both residential and commercial needs.  Our advantage is our ability to bring dumpsters back to our facility with an eye toward recycling as many materials as possible. Common materials discarded in dumpsters and perfect for recycling include cardboard, paper, wood, metals, aluminum, wallboard and various types of plastic.  MDS is approved to accept bulky waste (Type 13), construction & demolition debris (Type 13C) and dry industrial waste (Type 27).


Residential Dumpster Service and Debris Removal in NJ

If you need dumpster service and debris removal at your residence, you can get our roll-off containers delivered to and picked up from your home. MDS offers a fleet of tandems, tri-axles and 10 to 40 yard roll-off containers.  We specialize in accepting bulky waste, such a furniture, appliances and debris generated in homeowner construction and demolition projects.


Commercial Dumpster Service and Debris Removal in NJ

Our same fleet of trucks and roll-off dumpsters can be used to service commercial buildings, such as stores and retail establishments for bulky waste, construction & demolition debris, non-hazardous impacted soil and consumer electronics. Our commercial dumpster services and debris removal can be used for any and all of your business’ needs, again, with primary attention to recycling as many materials as possible.


Construction and Demolition Recycling in New Jersey

Our larger sized roll-off containers are the most commonly used at construction sites for accepting bulky waste and mixed construction & demolition debris from building demolition and renovation.  MDS can also deliver products manufactured from recycled debris at Bayshore, such as aggregate used in road and parking lot construction.


Dumpster Service and Debris Removal in New Jersey

No one offers dumpster services in New Jersey with a stronger commitment to recycling.  MDS is part of the Bayshore Family of Companies, the largest and most diversified recycling operation in New Jersey and the Northeast.  We operate seven separate, but related recycling companies on a 58 acre property in the Keasbey Section of Woodbridge Township. We are centrally located in the State with excellent access by truck, rail or barge. To learn more about Bayshore Recycling and what we have to offer, contact us today.