Dumpster Service and Debris Removal

Transportation for Dumpster Service in NJ

Montecalvo Disposal Services (MDS) provides dumpster service from NJ for the pickup and delivery of construction and demolition debris (Type 13C), bulky waste (Type 13) and dry industrial (Type 27) waste, soil and consumer electronics. We conveniently offer round robin delivery and pick up, as well as delivery of our manufactured products. MDS provides hauling dumpster service, which utilize a fleet of tandems, tri-axles and 10 to 40 yard roll-off containers.

Materials brought to the Bayshore Facility by MDS are then brought by our dumpsters in NJ to the Montecalvo Material Recovery Facility solid waste transfer station where approximately 75 to 80 percent of items are recovered for recycling. Depending upon your project, MDS offers custom construction and demolition recycling programs for commercial and industrial customers.

With the use of our dumpster service from NJ, we are able to safely and effectively transport a variety of construction debris and other materials to our facility to be recycled in an environmentally aware process that will help to preserve the environment.

Click here for more information on our dumpster service in NJ and Bayshore’s Montecalvo Material Recovery Facility and what we accept.

Benefits of using our recycling services and facility:

  • Co-mingling accepted materials into one container expedites a project, increases job efficiency and results in significant cost savings
  • Takes recyclable materials out of the waste stream for beneficial reuse
  • Increases the construction industry’s role in recycling and reusing their waste products