New Jersey Residential Recycling Services

For residents of New Jersey, there are green alternatives to disposing of waste in a landfill. The Bayshore Family of Companies is proud to offer top-rated recycling services for our residential clients and customers serving the residential community.  By choosing to recycle with Bayshore, you can ensure that you are reducing the carbon footprint on our planet. Whether you are doing residential remodeling, construction, or outdoor improvements with debris that can be recycled, or just have bulky waste from the basement or garage that needs to go, Bayshore Recycling can manage the material and provide dumpsters right to your residence!  Please explore our popular residential recycling services below:

Dumpster Services in New Jersey

Bayshore offers dumpster services through Montecalvo Disposal services, a licensed A-901 hauler. We have an inventory of 10, 20, 30 and 40-yard roll-off containers, for various projects.  We collect bulky waste including: furniture, appliances along with debris generated in homeowner construction, remodeling, and demolition projects.  Contact us and we will deliver a container to your residential property and when it’s full, we manage pickup and recycling services.   See below for typical uses to help choose the right size container for you:

10 CY – Bathroom remodeling, small basement, attic, shed or garage clean out, patio or small yard projects, roofing project, small kitchen remodeling, projects with limited space, and more

20 CY – Spring cleaning and general house clean out, house or kitchen remodeling, carpeting, flooring projects, roofing, siding and gutter projects, yard cleanup, large patio and decking material, concrete, brick, and more

30 CY – Major remodeling or demolition projects, whole house clean out, siding, roofing, window projects, new construction, house additions, concrete, brick, driveways, and more

Curbside Recycling in New Jersey

Bayshore Single Stream Solutions (BS3) operates a “Class A recycling facility” for the acceptance and processing of residential recyclables placed at the curb, both duel stream (two bins at the curb) and single stream (one bin). The state-of-the-art fully mechanized facility accepts: aluminum cans; glass bottles and jars; steel and tin cans; #1 – #7 plastics including plastic milk, water, soda and laundry bottles; newspaper; corrugated cardboard; textiles, and mixed paper (magazines, office paper, junk mail).  Everything that comes to us is processed and separated by machines and highly trained technicians, bailed and sent off to market. Bayshore contracts directly with your town or the hauler for the acceptance of curbside recyclables.

Petroleum Impacted Soil Management in NJ

Do you have oil heat? Do you have an old underground storage tank (UST)?  If so, it may have leaked over the years and you may have petroleum contaminated soil on your property.  If you ever choose to sell your home, it is important to manage it responsibly.  Our team can assist you in recommending consulting firms that specialize in removal and reporting for impacted soils.  When soil is removed, it is brought to Bayshore Soil Management (BSM) where we operate a thermal treatment unit to remove contaminants from the soil and provide the necessary paperwork for UST closure.  Bayshore also manages with soils impacted by other fuel oil spills, petroleum releases, and leaking above ground tanks.

Scrap Metal Recycling in NJ

All dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers eventually wear out and must be replaced.  These items are commonly referred to as “white goods” and are made up primarily of metals which are ideal for recycling. Instead of taking them to a landfill, Bayshore is able to accept all white goods for recycling.  We can also accept other metals generated from your other home projects, such as copper pipe. Utilizing our scrap metal recycling services is a big step in the sustainable management of white goods from your home toward achieving a greener future.

Contact Our Successful NJ Recycling Center

The Bayshore Family of Companies provide a full range of waste management and recycling options to residential customers, from dumpster services, construction debris recycling, bulky waste, and furniture, to curbside recycling, impacted soil, and white goods – you can rest assured that all materials are handled in a sustainable manner.  For more information on pricing, material acceptance, guidelines, and transportation, contact us today.