The Bayshore Family of Companies serves a diverse customer base within the state of New Jersey and the greater metropolitan region.  Bayshore caters to the needs of the environmental industry serving major utilities, consulting, remediation, redevelopment, and construction firms, representing generators of materials suitable for recycling.  Our clients receive comprehensive customer service tailored to project needs, offering transportation options including tri-axle dump trucks and roll-off containers.  Bayshore’s 58-acre recycling facility provides a wide range of recycling services that help save time and money on any project.

Contaminated Soil Management in NJ

Our clients recognize that contaminated soil or impacted fill must be managed responsibly. Our technical staff understand the requirements of NJDEP, site remediation, project schedules and budgets, and can assist in the initial phases to develop sampling plans for proper material management. Bayshore is home to a low temperature thermal treatment unit for the remediation of petroleum contaminated soils.  Processed materials are suitable for use at Brownfield Sites or as alternate daily cover at landfills.  With our advanced knowledge in soil management, we are happy to evaluate existing analysis, consult on any project, and guide you through the approval process efficiently.  Call us today.

Construction Materials Recycling

Construction and roadway projects produce massive quantities of recyclable debris.  Around 480 million tons of C&D debris is generated each year in the US – making concrete, asphalt, brick, and block the most recycled material nationally.  Our team can assist contractors with construction, paving or demolition work, who are looking to reduce costs and streamline material management, while advancing sustainable business practices. Our NJDEP approved Class B recycling facility accepts source separated materials including: clean concrete, brick, block, asphalt, clean wood and more. From dumpster drop off and pick-up to documented recycling, we do it all!  Ask us about gaining LEED point credit in construction projects.   Recycling debris has never been so easy.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate

At Bayshore Recycling, our team of experts can show you how to maximize reuse with recycled aggregates.   The facility manufactures a variety of quality products, including: recycled clean stone (2 ½”, 1 ½”, ¾”, and more), recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) to meet the NJDOT DGA Spec, as well as clean fill for commercial or beneficial reuse.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal can be melted down and remade into new products, making metal perfect for recycling. Bayshore’s centrally located facility is ideal for the recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also offer on-site dumpsters for scrap for convenience.


If you are interested in responsible material management and recycling in New Jersey, contact the trusted experts at Bayshore Recycling today.