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Frank MontecalvoChief Operating Officer, Bayshore Family of Companies

Frank is an entrepreneur whose competitive advantages include integrity determination, intelligence, ingenuity and ambition. Together with Valerie Montecalvo (his wife) they began development of a 52-acre site in Woodbridge in 2001 for a full-scale recycling operation. In 2004, Bayshore Soil Management was launched to remediate non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soil. Frank positioned a thermal desorption unit in an existing warehouse and obtained DEP permits to process up to 2,500 tons per day of material. The technology operates similar to an asphalt plant with all material processing and storage taking place indoors or within the equipment to maintain compliance with New Jersey’s rigid environmental standards.

In 2005, Frank also spearheaded implementation of a public/private research project to re-engineer dredge material processing and beneficial re-use in partnership with the Port Authority of NY and NJ, the Army Corps of Engineers, Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, the US EPA and the NJDEP. He conceived of the idea to purchase a 730-foot Great Lakes bulk carrier and converted it into a mobile dredge material storage and processing platform to demonstrate innovative sediment decontamination technologies. These technologies demonstrated the feasibility of manufacturing valuable products (e.g. soils, cements and road aggregates) from the 4-6 million cubic yards of annual material required to be dredged from waterways to permit safe commercial navigation.

Frank led another public/private partnership with Rutgers University to study and implement the use of crumb rubber in roads and other construction materials. He collaborated with the NJDOT and NJDEP to develop an economic and efficient processing methodology for the high volume re-use of scrap tires. The research proved successful and Frank created a unique design mix for asphalt enhanced with crumb rubber.

In 2006, Frank launched Coastal Metal Recycling Corp to accept scrap metals including copper, brass, steel, and wire, enabling the Eco-Complex to recycle a wider range of materials.

Another business venture started by Frank was development of a Material Recovery Facility for mixed bulky waste and construction debris. The empty warehouses adjacent to the thermal soil operation were perfect to position the Montecalvo Disposal Services first Material Recovery Facility. As soon as the business opened, Frank realized that a larger system was needed to process the volume of material accepted (up to 1,000 tons per day per NJDEP permit). He designed a C & D sorting line and processing unit that was unveiled on Earth Day 2010, which recovers 75% (minimum) of the incoming mixed waste into recyclable products. This multi-million dollar system uses both mechanical and manual labor to source separate the material.

Day-to-day Frank applies his extensive experience in overseeing the operations, engineering, equipment purchase, quality control and innovation associated with the entire Eco-Complex and Energy Campus.

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