Recycle Coach MyWaste App

It’s almost recycling day in your New Jersey town and you’re panicking to find accurate information on how to properly separate your recyclables from your waste materials. This scene may appear hypothetical, but nonetheless happens even for the most ardent recycler! Making a commitment to the environment is simple and it all starts with promoting sustainability through proper separation and management of recyclable material. Now, the questions start flowing. Where can I recycle batteries in NJ? How to recycle fluorescent light bulbs in NJ? To avoid scrambling for answers and all ends leading to nowhere on Google, if only there was a way to get specific information without going through the hassle of calling the town. Luckily, this information is right at your fingertips!

The Recycled Coach/MyWaste App is an innovative tool that provides highly specific recycling information for New Jersey municipalities. The app provides service for those living throughout the entire state and is free to use. Here’s why downloading the Recycle Coach/MyWaste App will help you learn about eco-friendliness and stay up-to-date on your New Jersey recycling schedule.

The Recycle Coach / MyWaste App

By its very nature, recycling is unfortunately quite complicated! Each county in New Jersey mandates a list of materials which must be recycled in the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Some towns go beyond this list and ask residents to recycle additional materials. Some towns will collect recyclables at the curb or enter contracts with private companies to do this collection. Still, other, more rural towns, will simply provide residents with the names of waste and recycling collector/haulers servicing the area and leave it up to residents to enter subscription service contracts. In still other cases, towns will collect a certain menu of materials curbside, but also operate a “drop-off center” at their Department of Public Works to provide residents with an opportunity to go further with their recycling efforts. As a result, recycling in New Jersey can’t be defined with one single answer. Every town, borough, city, and municipality has unique recycling requirements and opportunities that aren’t always universal. Whether you’re striking up a conversation about a recycling question with a friend who lives in the town over or if you’ve just moved to a new home, you’ll have all the information you’ll need in one free phone application. The Recycle Coach/MyWaste App is available in the app store for both Apple and Droid cellphones. To take a deeper dive into how useful this app really is, read on below to learn the benefits of Recycle Coach/MyWaste.

What Does it Do?

This comprehensive information app provides the user with a database for local recycling and waste disposal programs. New Jersey residents essentially have an encyclopedia of recycling specifically tailored for their own town. It provides a calendar view of recycling and solid waste collection days, times and what is being collected on each day. Recycle Coach/MyWaste users can find drop-down menus of collection requirements, drop-off locations and the answer to the biggest question of all: “What’s accepted for recycling?” Reminders can also be scheduled so you’ll never miss a collection date. Other information includes bulky waste collection days, household hazardous waste collection days, what can be dropped off at the town drop-off or recycling center, and tips for how to be a better recycler.

New Partner, New Features

When first developed, this ap was under the corporate name of MyWaste. Over the last year, MyWaste has partnered with the Recycle Coach to increase recycling information sharing and promote user experience. The updates have brought some new and improved perks while building upon the existing features. The most notable change includes more interconnectedness with residents to encourage recycling within the entire community. Through this platform, you can share your thoughts and recycling tips to show how eco-friendly efforts of a local community can promote long-term sustainability on a larger scale.

Local Sustainability Efforts

The Recycle Coach/MyWaste App has proven to be a very powerful tool in New Jersey. South Plainfield, a Middlesex County town focused on revamping their recycling efforts, has committed to the use of the application as a valuable source of local public education. In coordination with town administration, South Plainfield’s mayor had this to say about the app’s ability, “I want to make sure we are promoting the Recycle Coach/MyWaste App. It is very easy to download. The residents put in their address and their recycling schedule is downloaded.” The mayor finds the tool useful in order to stay on top of any and all potential changes to the schedule so residents aren’t left in the dark. He also mentioned that the free app comes with a “What Goes Where?” feature as an aid to recycling and public education in addition to easy ways to live green.

Recycling in New Jersey

You may have heard the phrase, “going in blind” to describe a situation where someone had no idea what they were doing. You don’t want to be in a similar situation when it comes to what you can/should and can’t recycle! Without accurate and up-to-date information, your commitment to proper recycling could become compromised. This is why Bayshore Recycling fully supports the Recycle Coach/MyWaste App for local New Jersey residents. We focus on continual environmental education to regularly inform the public about how important recycling really is to a sustainable future. If you’d like to learn more about our New Jersey recycling services or the Recycle Coach/MyWaste App, feel free to contact us and we’d love to provide you with more information!