Residential Green Energy Solutions

Today’s society has become increasingly eco-conscious. As we further develop an even stronger commitment to protecting the environment, green technology has expanded, diversified and flourished.  While the initial energy efficiency focus was on larger commercial and industrial systems, residential energy use has also received much attention.  Today, we should all avoid non-renewable energy resources and learn how to save energy at home. To help you get started, here are 4 of the most beneficial ways to power your home with renewable energy in 2018.

Use Solar Power to Your Advantage 

When you think of renewable energy, one residential option is solar energy. Green energy solutions come in all shapes and sizes, however you’ve definitely seen residential and commercial efforts in roof-top photovoltaic solar panel installation. Rooftop solar has become increasingly popular due to its low-maintenance and high return on investment. Panels are typically mounted on the roof  where direct sunlight occurs over much of the day and a proper roof orientation exits.  Used for means of heat or electricity, energy can be utilized as back up power or to eliminate dependence on the utility grid altogether. This affordable option can help reduce your monthly power bill while promoting environmental sustainability. The best part about solar power is you’ll practically receive clean energy for free on a bright sunny day – all you’ll have to pay for is the initial panel installation.  The price of solar panels has dropped 60 percent since the beginning of 2011. Together with federal and local tax credits and subsidies, that’s helped drop the national average of up-front costs to about $17,000.  The federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a 30 percent tax credit for residential and commercial properties that convert to solar energy.   Contact local solar energy providers to learn more.  Chances are your town can help get you started with useful information about residential solar options and providers.

Heat Your Water Naturally 

Borrowing a little help from the sun doesn’t stop with elecricity. While it’s true that solar energy is collected mostly for providing electrical power, it can also be used for heating the water used throughout the home. A special reserve of water is designated for use with the solar device and can be hooked up to any place where water is used. Once heated, the water can be pumped on an as needed basis as long as there’s enough left in the tank. This method is cheap, efficient and safe for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or any location where water can be accessed.

Cool Your Home with the Sun 

Many years ago this concept may have seemed like a fantasy. This once unlikely option is quite the reality in today’s most energy efficient homes. Sustainability focused technology has grown to allow a home’s air conditioning system to be entirely run on solar energy. Simply referred to as “solar air conditioning,” this concept is very similar to solar water heating. Hot water from this innovative device is used for power the home’s AC. Regular air conditioning systems and units use massive amounts of energy, which significantly increase your electricity bill. While still keeping the temperature low on those hot summer days while enjoying measurable savings, the efficiency of solar powered air conditioning is an excellent choice to consider.

Convert Power from Running Water 

Hydroelectric energy is another great way to help power the home. This can be accomplished on a very small scale – since most homes do not have large running water systems on or directly adjacent to their property. Streams, creeks and other small sources of non-stagnant water are perfect alternatives. Often referred to as microhydro power, a small wheel or turbine can be installed into a body of water. As the device spins, this movement can power a generator or provide accessory support to the main grid running to the home. Contact energy specialists in your town or area to evaluate if such an option exists in your neighborhood.

Clean Energy Recycling Company in NJ

Suburban green energy systems can provide substantial economic and environmental benefits. These eco-friendly efforts keep money in your pocket while promoting environmental sustainability. Following its Corporate commitment to renewable energy and sustainable materials management, Bayshore Recycling is leading the industry in green initiatives. By providing the most efficient waste removal and recycling services in New Jersey to a wide range of clientele, our services are available to all with a green vision.

Bayshore and our Family of Companies advocate renewable energy through continual education and outreach to get all communities involved towards a unified goal. We’d love to discuss additional commercial and residential recycling and smart home energy solutions with you. To learn more, please reach out and contact us today!