Recycling at work

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You already know that there are an endless number of benefits to recycling. Between conserving natural resources, reducing pollution, saving energy and preserving our environment for future generations, it’s no surprise that many people have made it their goal in 2017 to go green. But living a more sustainable lifestyle does not begin and end in your home. Rather, you should think of how to incorporate your new habits into every aspect of your daily routine.


A big part of your everyday life is your job. While following your home recycling habits at work will have a direct influence on the environment, your impact could be even greater if you encourage your employees to do the same. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the average workplace, 80 to 90 percent of solid waste can actually be recycled. To help reduce that number and to promote a more sustainable work environment, use our tips below to inspire your co-workers to recycle at work!


How to Start an Office Recycling Program

1. Do Your Research

Depending on your profession, your company is going to produce a specific kind of waste. For example, if your job requires you to print out lengthy reports, you may want to make paper recycling your biggest push. On the other hand, if you notice many soda bottles in the trash after lunch, you may want to focus your efforts on plastic recycling.


2. Start off Small

It would be extremely beneficial if you have some of your closest work friends ready to take the pledge! The more people talking about it, the faster your program will spread throughout the office. But before you get the whole office involved in 20 different recycling ideas, you need to start off with one big project (whatever your company wastes the most). Once people start making the small changes to comply with your first project, you can then begin introducing new ideas to help reduce waste even more.


3. Monitor Your Success

You can’t know how to improve your recycling program if you don’t closely monitor it! Before launching your program, be sure to establish a monthly monitoring schedule to see if your goals are being met. If they are, that’s fantastic! It may be time to start incorporating new ideas to further reduce your waste. If they aren’t, don’t get yourself too upset over it! Figure out what you can do to get your co-workers more involved. Be sure to publicize your findings as well. If one department outdoes all the other departments in your company, make it known! It might generate a fun little workplace competition, where the end result is not only benefiting your office, but your community as well.


4. Arrange for Disposal

The key to a successful recycling program is ensuring your recyclable materials are disposed of properly. What’s the point of putting all of your time and effort into something if your collections only end up in the trash, instead of where they belong? Whether you have a scheduled dumpster service or a curbside service available to your business, be sure to work with a local and trusted recycling center. That way, you will know all of your efforts will pay off, and the items you have collected will be reused to help our environment.


Recycling Facility in New Jersey

Here at Bayshore Recycling, our New Jersey eco-complex and energy campus is the smart solution to environmentally friendly recycling and waste management. Headquartered in the Keasbey section of Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, we help a wide variety of clientele reduce their carbon footprint to provide a more sustainable environment for future generations. For more information on how we can help your New Jersey business increase its recycling efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us today.