Valerie Montecalvo, President and CEO of Bayshore Recycling in Woodbridge Township, NJ, passes along her title as President of the CDRA to Kevin Herb, Founder and CEO of Broad Run Recycling.

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – The National Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) held its Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 29th as part of the “C&D World Exhibition & Conference” in Nashville, Tennessee. As part of the proceedings, the leadership of the organization was passed from Valerie Montecalvo, President of the Bayshore Family of Companies in Woodbridge, NJ to Kevin Herb, Founder and CEO of Broad Run Recycling in Manassas, VA.
The CDRA is the trade association that represents about 300 companies across the United States that specialize in the recycling of construction & demolition debris from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial road base and building projects. More than 70 percent of the C&D material generated in the United States is recycled. The area of landfill avoided by recycling this amount of C&D is annually equivalent to more than 440 acres of waste at a depth of 50 ft. In addition, C&D, which includes concrete, asphalt, wood, drywall, metals, asphalt shingles, and many other materials generated during road, bridge, and building projects, is created at a rate of approximately 480 million tons per year, making it the largest individual waste stream in the country.
Under Montecalvo’s leadership as President, the Association completely rebranded itself, assembled a data base of how C&D processing is regulated in all 50 States, developed a first ever “Strategic Plan” to guide operations and conducted advocacy related to numerous Federal, State and Local rule proposals that could affect the thriving nature of C&D recycling. The CDRA also published and released today in Nashville its “Benefits of C&D Recycling” White Paper by Dr. Tim Townsend, faculty member at the University of Florida. Key findings of this report include:

  • The C&D recycling industry was projected to be responsible for the direct support of 19,000 jobs in the US in 2012;
  • Facility owners have invested over $4.5 billion in the development and construction of C&D recycling infrastructure;
  • The direct annual output (revenue) of the C&D recycling industry was estimated to be approximately $7.4 billion;
  • When considering indirect and induced economic output, the industry represents an over $17 billion contribution.

“I have had the honor and distinct pleasure of serving as President of the CDRA over the past two years,” said Montecalvo. “Our industry is critical to the economy of the United States and to the advancement of National, State and Local goals for sound materials management and sustainability. The future of our organization is very bright and our contributions to the National economy and environment unsurpassed in the recycling field!”
Montecalvo passed the gavel of leadership to Herb at ceremonies held yesterday as part of the CDRA Annual Membership Meeting.
Bayshore Recycling (Bayshore), a WBE in NJ and NY, currently operates seven different NJDEP approved recycling businesses, all located on a 55-acre site in Woodbridge Township, NJ, making the company one of the most innovative and vertically integrated in the Northeast. Services include: Recycling of concrete, asphalt, brick, block and glass cullet into aggregate materials; remediation of petroleum contaminated soils; materials recovery of mixed construction and demolition debris into secondary products such as landscaping mulch and bio-fuel; full-service metal recycling; recycling of consumer electronics such as TVs and computers, and acceptance of dredge material via barge. For more information, visit
Broad Run Recycling (Broad Run), based in Manassas, Virginia, and started in 2008, is the only plant of its kind in the DC metro area because it has the capability of recycling 95% of the material it takes in. The company processes more than 600 tons of construction and demolition waste a day in a 26,000-square-foot facility. Materials include wood, metals, aggregate, WDF (wood-derived fuel), rigid plastics and cardboard. Residual waste is used as an alternative energy source to create electricity. Broad Run partners with companies that want to minimize their environmental impact and get public recognition for their LEED® and other “green” activities. Broad Run is a member of the United States Green Building Council-National Capital Region and is the only facility in the Washington metro area that has been certified by the Recycling Certification Institute.
Broad Run is helping to lead a national effort to create a certification and standard for the amount of waste that companies are required to recycle. Kevin Herb is Managing Partner & President of Industrial Disposal Services, Inc (IDS).

[From Left: Kevin Herb, President, Broad Run Recycling; Valerie Montecalvo, President, Bayshore Recycling] CDRA President Valerie Montecalvo of Bayshore Recycling, Woodbridge, NJ with incoming President Kevin Herb of Broad Run Recycling of Manassas, Virginia at C&D World Exhibition & Conference, Nashville, Tennessee. (Photography captured: March 29th, 2015)

[From Left: Pat Flood, President, Solid Waste Management; Valerie Montecalvo, President, Bayshore Recycling; Bill Turley, Executive Director, CDRA] CDRA President Valerie Montecalvo of Bayshore Recycling with Pat Flood, Director of Solid Waste Management, Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation, and CDRA Executive Director Bill Turley at the Exhibit Hall opening at the C&D World Conference & Exhibition, Nashville, Tennessee.