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Of all the earth’s water, 97% is salt water found in oceans and seas. Only 1% of the earth’s water is available for drinking water. Two percent is frozen. The human body is about 75% water. A person can survive about a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water. Every day

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The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) recently honored Bayshore’s Vice President of Operations Gary Sondermeyer as the 2014 CDRA Member of the Year, and also recognized Bayshore Recycling for cleaning up contaminated New Jersey land and improving quality of life! Click here to read about Gary Sondermeyer’s award. Click here to read the article

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How to Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day: Plant a flower! Did you know New Jersey’s State Flower is The Common Violet (Viola Sororia). Even if it’s too chilly out to plant. Start indoors! Learn about the native plants in your area/region of the United States. Click here to read about the top 10 native

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